General cleaning

Complete cleaning after painting, restoration

Floor burnishing

Factories, sites, office buildings' mechanical floor burnishing with special machine

Regular cleaning

Regular cleanings of office buildings, sites, halls

Window cleaning

Cleaning of shop-displays, windows, bigger glass surfaces

Floor coating

Coating of floors with special protective layer after basic clean-up


Smaller fixings, maintenance, gardening, overhauls

About us

Our company has been doing cleaning services for more than 15 years. We developed our technique based on our experiences, so we can work with high standards, responsible and at an affordable price.

Who are we?

We started our service as individual proprietorship, cleaning smaller sites, homes in the 00's. Later as we partnered up, our machinery and employee number developed, we started cleaning bigger and more places.

What do we do?

General and daily cleaning of homes, factory halls, industrial facilities, office buildings and healthcare institutions. Mechanical floor burnishing, cleaning of glass surfaces, (with the use of lift truck if needed), maintenance.

Why choose us?

We make our price offers after we personally inspect the site in question. We insure the quality of work with continuous supervising. We try to use the most up-to-date techniques and modern cleaning products.


  • Regular cleaning of Medicover Clinics

  • Regular and annual clean-up of Eurings Zrt.

  • Regular and annual clean-up of Techszerviz Kft.

  • Regular and annual clean-up of Strabag Zrt. Office

  • Regular and annual clean-up at more locations of Axiál Kft.

  • Regular and annual clean-up of Novochem Kft.

  • Annual surface cleaning of the windows of McDonald's restaurants.
  • Floor cleanup and coating of Diósgyőr Hospital

  • Floor cleanup and coating of ecclesiastical event hall

  • Mechanical floor burnishing of Eurings Zrt.

  • Regular and annual cleanup of Katófer Kft.

  • Regular and windows' surface cleaning of Skála clothing store

  • Regular cleaning of Mitor Kft.

  • Regular cleaning of condominiums
and several other companies too…


We develop our prices based off on-site inspection and unique needs. Our prices are in Hungarian Forints.


General cleaning

300-500 HUF/m2/day


Floor burnishing

From 100 HUF/m2


Regular cleaning

10-50 HUF/m2/day


Glass surface cleaning

80-200 HUF/m2


Floor coating

Based on unique needs



Basd on unique needs

Get in touch with us!

we offer our services throughout the whole country.
Feel free to contact us via phone or email for personal inspections or price offers!

Poseidon Service Kft.

Address: 4031 Debrecen, Derék utca 128.

Papp Sándor +36 20 955 2464

Szoboszlai Gábor +36 30 946 0693

Email: [email protected]